Sudoku: The Most Popular Online Puzzle Game

Sudoku is the best among all kinds of brain teasers and puzzle games. It is a bit challenging than other online and offline puzzle games, still players of all ages love it. Some practical tips are required to play this game. Now this online entertaining puzzle is available free in many varieties. Players just need an internet connection and a computer to play online Sudoku games. Previously these puzzles and brain teasers were available in newspapers and magazines. These games are really stimulating for the brain; they have got so many fans and players all over the world. These puzzle games are still being published in news papers and are available online a various game websites. Basically these puzzles were invented in Japan and involved lots of reasoning power and logical thinking. These brain teasers involve dealing with numbers though skills in mathematics are not compulsory for players.

Online Sudoku games are like cross word puzzles with 9*9 grids and 3*3 rows and columns. A player has to uses one numerical digit once; it should not be repeated twice in เว็บแทงบอล ที่ดีที่สุด the game. Zero is not allowed to be used. The player has to enter suitable numerical digits between 1-9 in the checker boxes according to his logical thinking and judgment. Each numerical digit from 1 to 9 has to e used once in ach row and column. Now all rules ad playing strategies of Sudoku is being followed by online gaming versions. Many computer geeks are passing their time to entertain themselves by playing online puzzles suiting heir intellectual power.

Online Sudoku needs specific clues of pre entered numerical digits to add them in required rows and columns of the game. Digits between 1 and 9 are to be placed in the correct row or column either singly of in combination. One digit cannot be used again in the game. So if it is needed second time then it can be used in numerical combinations. Take for example if 9 is needed for the second time to fill up a row or column then it can be used in the form of a combination like (5, 4). If it is used for the third time then it can be used in number combinations (3,3,3). This online game provides great results to players as they love facing and solving mental brain teasing games. They require a lot of lateral thinking and guess work to attain perfection in playing.