Football Trading System

Football Trading System is brought to you by Ian Erskine a betting professional & keen sports enthusiast. His system is all about football trading through the worlds largest sport betting exchange – Betfair.

His system is all about trading certain football matches through Betfair & basically meaning games in which there should be fluctuations in the betting odds, which is excellent for trading. You always aim to back at the highest possible price & lay at the lowest possible price, this enables you to secure a guaranteed profit, regardless of the outcome of the match.

How do I know what games to trade in?

His extensive manual covers all aspects of football & what type of information to look for & what type of scenario creates a trading opportunity & also how to safely navigate the required websites.

What piece of mind do I get?

He offers an email service, which allows you to follow the trades that, he gets involved in & there is also a sixty day money back guarantee.

Why is this system still not classed as gambling?

Mainly because we are trading & therefore we don not wait ยูฟ่าเบท on the outcome of a match to determine whether or not you have won or lost. We always aim to trade at the highest possible price & lay back at a lower price when ever the opportunity arises. One of the main advantages in trading is that, it takes away the emotional attachment & gambling aspect from betting because, we also trade out a bet for a guaranteed profit or the occasional loss & never wait till the end of a match.